Bird Photography is one of the most challenging photography, it’s not easy to click photographs of wild birds. Wild birds are usually shy and they often don’t pose for the camera, therefore, it’s very difficult to get close enough to take the best shot. But if you know basics of bird photography and understand the avian behavior and habitat then it becomes much easier to capture beautiful moments of the birds. Bird photography is a fascinating hobby.

Equipment & Camera Setting You can start Bird photography with basic DSLR. As you know that birds are very shy, you need minimum 200 mm lens. It’s very important to know what settings to choose, In Bird photography you can use these three modes:-

  1. Aperture priority: - If you want to control depth of field then use Aperture Priority mode.
  2. Shutter priority: - If you want to control shutter speed then use Shutter priority mode.
  3. Manual Mode: - If you know what settings you need choose then use Manual mode. 

(Photograph by Nishant Chauhan)

In the above Picture I wanted to freeze the bird completely, so I set my shutter speed to 1/1000, ISO-200,  F/5.6 clicked in Manual mode.


(Photograph by Nishant Chauhan)

In the above picture the bird is still so I use these settings shutter speed set to 1/640, ISO-100,  F/5.6 clicked in Manual mode.


Special Tips for Birds Photography:

• For birds in flight click at high shutter speeds of 1/800 and above to freeze the bird.

• In slower shutter speeds of 1/250-1/600 and lower ISO for better image quality use tripod or a mono-pod is highly recommended.

• Try to click at bird's eye level.

• Always click in RAW format.

• Always try to focus on eyes of the bird.

• Background is more important to get beautiful bokeh.

• It’s a game of patience, so wait for action.

• Please don’t harm birds while taking photograph. I humbly request you to not take photographs of birds’ nests.


Good luck and Happy Clicking!


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